Else Beth Trautner

Professional Board Member, former CEO, broad international business career with technology intensive products & services to private- & public health-care sector and B2B. Business development and M&A’s.

Strategic commercialisation of innovative technology-intensive products and digital health. Strategic partnerships. 16 years’ experience in working in and with US. Cross border & multiple culture collaborations EU, Scandinavia, Japan (transformation of business). Established subsidiaries in European and China.


CBS Executive Board of Directors Leadership & Corporate Governance 2017


2014 – Atlas Antibodies AB, Stockholm
2018 – Viewcare Management A/S, Formand
2018 – CentaFlow Holding A/S, Formand
2019 – Board Partner
2019 – Nymetal A/S
2019 – Nymetal Maskinfabrik A/S
2019 – Inniti ApS, Formand
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Mail: ebtrautner@gmail.com

Telefon: 27 57 42 06